James Koole


Threads took another step towards full support for the fediverse recently. Threads users in some countries (including Canada) can now enable Fediverse sharing of their posts.

What does this mean? A Threads user can now opt in to allow users of Mastodon to follow them from Mastodon. I can follow a Threads user from my Mastodon account and see their posts in my Mastodon feed.

This is big. As of today, there are some big Threads accounts that have enabled federation. That includes The Whitehouse and the President of the United States. Notion and Arc Browser have Threads accounts that can now be followed from Mastodon.

What's next? Well, hopefully more accounts will enable federation. If you are on Mastodon and have a Threads account as well, encourage your Threads friends and big accounts on Threads to enable the feature.

Right now the connection is very much one-way. Mastodon users can follow Threads users, but it doesn't yet work the other way around. Mastodon "likes" on Threads posts do make it back to Threads, but just as an aggregated count. There's not yet a way to reply and have the Threads user see those replies.

I'm excited for this both from a Mastodon and Fediverse perspective, but also from a Threads perspective. Being able to follow users on Threads using Mastodon is great. They can use the platform of their choice and I can use the one I like. It's win-win.

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