James Koole


I'm heading into the world of coffee. That's not new...I've dipped my toes into the coffee scene a few times here and there over the last decade. But over the last little bit, I've been drinking far less crappy coffee and far more really good coffee.

I still make a Nespresso here and there, but if I want a nice cup of coffee, I pull out the AeroPress, a cheap scale, a crappy Amazon grinder and some good coffee (from Detour, these days).

There's a bunch of factors that combine to create a really good cup of coffee.

I've got good coffee. Something like Detour Coffee's Colombia Guarapo Decaf is high quality and nicely roasted. I've got a good brewer. My go-to is an AeroPress with the flow control cap and it makes wonderful coffee. I've got a good ratio of water to coffee of about 20:1 and a two minute brew time has been working well.

What I don't have is a good grinder, but a Cyber Monday sale will solve for that. I've negotiated with Santa to get a Fellow Ode Gen 2 delivered here which I have agreed to leave unopened and unused until Christmas morning. It's going to be a long few weeks using the crappy grinder, but I'll survive.

On Christmas morning, I'll be able to weigh up 11 grams of a nice coffee, pour it into the grinder and get a really nice grind. From there, it'll go into the AeroPress with 220 grams of water (just off the boil). It'll sit for two long minutes before I plunge it into a mug.

Will it be that much better than the coffee from a $35 cheap Chinese-made grinder bought on Amazon? I'll let you know.

There are a few other things I still covet but nothing quite as pricey or important as the grinder. I'm using a standard kettle and a pretty junky scale. Alexa handles timekeeping. Over time I'll add a better scale with a timer built in, and maybe a precision gooseneck kettle. I've also got my eye on a Hario Switch V60 brewer and carafe for those days where I might want to brew two cups instead of one.

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